Four social research areas of this SDGs/CE Institute

1.Future Strategy Design

“Future Strategy Design”: The research, development and demonstration of the following three types of human resource development education programs:
1) Business Producer: Hybrid group work exercise to formulate SDGs/CE business scheme
2) System Creator: Hands-on training in social system design using advanced technology
3) Cyber Security: Cyber Security technical exercises on plant control systems and information networks

2.SDGs/CE City and Region Revitalization

“SDGs/CE City and Region Revitalization”: The research, development and demonstration of the following three research areas:
1) SDGs urban regeneration through art, culture, and sports + experiential learning before, during, and after the events
2) SDGs regional revitalization: SDGs regional revitalization and urban revitalization that connect cities and regions
3) SDGs community marketing, and SDGs smart city business scheme

3.Next Generation Youth/Women Empowerment

“Next Generation Youth/Women Empowerment”: The research, development and demonstration of designing and utilizing databases for the empowerment of young people and women

4.SDGs/CE Social Trend Survey Research and Human Resources Development

“SDGs/CE Social Trend Survey and Human Resources Development”: The research, development and demonstration of the following two research areas:
1) SDGs/CE social trend survey research: Social trend survey research regarding SDGs/CE implementation for local governments and companies in Japan
2) SDGs/CE human resources development: Research and development of educational programs and support tools for promoting SDGs/CE management

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